How to install Remote Server Administration Tools For Windows 10

Remote Server Administration Tools

So guys we are going to be looking at To How to install Remote Server Administration Tools For Windows 10. now, this is going you all the Remote MMC tools that you require to manage your Windows Servers remotely.

    How To Install -

    1. You need to download Tool from Microsoft's website and this is the actual Remote server Administrative tools pub Windows 10 Click
    2. Download the administrative templates as well for your group policy management system
    3. And you need to install it. And click yes on the popup message. And let this Download.
    4. And after download click on I accept Button. Just wait for a little bit for installation.
    5. When installing complete then go for Restart Now Button and click it.
    6. After Restart process go for the desktop search bar and type "UNINSTALL"
    7. Then "change or remove the program" will appear then simply click on it.
    8. Then Look for "Turn Windows features on or off " option. And simply click on it.
    9. Popup will appear then enable/tick "Active Directory light Wight directory services" if you wish. Then scroll down and look for "RAS connection manager Administrative Kit (CMAK) " Tick it also.
    10. Make sure that you've got all features Ticked.
    11. Make sure all stuff ticked otherwise you will have some trouble and putting this program run.
    12. So once you got all done. Then click the OK button. And let them Install.
    13. And now you can close this off.
    14. Ok so now view your list of Administrative Tools that you've just installed.
    15. Click Right on Start Bar And click on the control panel.
    16. Now once the control panel opens you have to make sure you've got large icons View.
    17. If not then go for categories upside and select Large icons.
    18. Then go to "Administrative Tools" Click on it.
    19. Then you can see lots of Tools Available And you got your own Remote Desktop Services. And you've also got your active directory stuff And own Administrative Tools….!

    I hope you know about How to install Remote Server Administration Tools For Windows 10 and how to install it in your Windows 10. If you install it successfully let us Know in Comment...!!

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