#1 How To Hire a Marketing Consultant? Best Way!

 My name is John Jantschand I am the founder and creator of Duct Tape Marketing. I have been a marketing consultant pretty much my entire life and in fact, over the last couple of decades, I have trained hundreds of marketing consultants. I thought I’d drop in today and give you my thinking on how to hire a marketing consultant?

The first thing you need to answer is why you’re hiring a marketing consultantA marketing consultant will bring you a holistic approach to your marketing, and not the parts, and pieces that perhaps you’re trying to put together from a whole variety of vendors. Now, you have to look at your hiring of a marketing consultant as a long-term investment, this is not a quick fix.

If you are going to take a holistic, systematic approach to your marketing, it is going to take some time to develop. Now, who can a marketing consultant help? They can’t save you if you don’t have a good process if you don’t have a good service if you don’t have a good product if people aren’t coming back to you and referring you already. What a marketing consultant can do is take your already proven concept and they can amplify it, they can help you take it to the next level.

what does a marketing consultant do, exactly?

Well the good ones have a repeatable, consistent approach and they always start with strategy, and then, they align with a total online presence that’s going to include your website and SEO and content and email marketing and social media, all of the tactics working to support that strategy.

So how do you go about to hire a marketing consultant, one that can help you grow your business? The first thing you wanna do is look at their online presence.

What does their marketing look like? If they’re going to ask you to do some things, are they doing them themselves? That can be a very good indication of whether or not they really do practice what they preach.

The second thing you wanna do is set up an interview, and have them talk about their approach, but pay attention, are they asking lots of questions? Questions about your goals, about how they’re going to be measured, about your ideal customer, and your core message, that will give you a clear indication of whether or not they think strategy before tactics.

Ask for references. You might wanna actually learn a little bit about the results that they have gotten and achieved for others. There’s no shame in asking to see results. Now don’t feel as though you have to focus on only consultants that serve your industry.

Sometimes a well-rounded marketing consultant that serves a lot of industries can be your best bet. Lastly, ask for an audit. See if there’s a way for you to get a sample of how they’re going to work with you on an ongoing basis.

Let them show you the reporting systems and how they dig in and do their work, by giving you a baseline on where you are now. So that’s it for this post if you want to know more about Digital Marketing. Hopefully, this has given you some good tips on how to hire a marketing consultant?

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