What is Investment Advisor? And what do they do?

Investment Advisor

Welcome to another post of Investment Advisor/Consultant by Bloggerbro My name is Mike, and I’m Vice-President and General Manager, Full-Service Brokerage, at Desjardins Securities. Today, I’m pleased to present this Finance Matters clip on the role of investment Consultant/advisors.

    The Main Role Of Investment Advisor

    Since the role has evolved considerably over the past 30 years, I think it would be a good idea to demystify all aspects of the role once and for all! Those who have worked in the securities industry for as long as I have undoubtedly recall that in the 1980s, Investment advisors were regarded as “stockbrokers“.

    But over the years, thanks to their sound advice, they’ve become much more than that! Closely monitoring stock and bond market fluctuations each day, they were in fact better placed than most to help investors protect their capital or obtain better returns and make sure you choose a registered investment consultant if not then your money will drown.

    Their customized investment strategies often proved that they were much more than stockbrokers but true investment Consultants. Our investment Consultants do much more than just manage your investments. They have your interests at heart and they want to assist you throughout your lifetime, whether it’s to help you carry out your most important projects or to enjoy the retirement of your dreams.

    I’m sure you don’t want to save simply for the sake of saving. But if you want to buy a second home, travel to the four corners of the world, or pay for your children’s education, it’s important to know that each of these objectives requires a different investment strategy.

    The Work Technique Of Investment Consultant/Advisor

    investment Consultant

    To offer you optimal support, your investment advisor will first take the time to meet with you to get to know you better and to clearly understand all your financial objectives. Then, once your investor profile has been clearly established, your investment advisor will ascertain whether the percentage return you hope to obtain is realistic.

    For example, if you have a conservative profile and you’re expecting a return of 8%, you’ll have to lower your expectations, as there are currently no risk-free investments that offer an 8% return. However, your investment advisor will be able to recommend a strategy tailored to your profile which could greatly reduce the volatility of your portfolio.

    Still, you may think that with the Internet, you don’t really need an investment advisor. With all the economic news now available just a few clicks away, many people believe they can grow their money without any help from anyone!

    But in reality, things are a bit more complicated than that. First, because there’s an incredible amount of often contradictory information on the Web. Second, because you really need solid experience insecurities to be able to put this information into context and interpret it.

    The important Role Of Your Advisor

    This may surprise you, but one of the most important roles of your investment advisor is to control your emotions! For example, I’m thinking of the 2008 financial crisis.

    All the investors who panicked and sold their stocks subsequently missed out on one of the strongest bull markets in the past 30 years. And since there will surely be many other crises that could impact the stock markets, your advisor will be there to guide you.

    To help you realize your dreams for the future, your advisor will stay the course and guide you safely to your destination, by becoming the guardian of your financial emotions.

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